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LPG / Propane injection pumps

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Additive injector. Holds 5 oz. of additive.
Check valve prevents back flow
of propane.  

The QUIK-INJECTOR is a manual injector unit for adding methanol or the new CGX-4® fuel supplement to bulk storage vessels or individual  vehicle fuel tanks.

QUIK-INJECTOR is the simplest and safest way of adding liquids used to correct moisture or fuel pollution problems in customers’ storage tanks. Product loss is minimized and release of liquid propane is eliminated.

The convenient-to-carry unit is easily stored on a service or delivery truck. Adding the exact amount of liquid required is controlled by the number of strokes on the pump handle – six strokes for a pint. Injecting a full gallon takes less than a minute.


A 500 PSI capacity, heavy duty pump permits dispensing additives whether the LPG tank is full or empty.

The QUIK-INJECTOR has a one gallon storage capacity and comes with a 10 foot hose equipped with a ball valve and 1 ¼” ACME vapor coupling.